As the business world experiences a global recession due to a myriad of reasons, companies are focusing more and more on digitalization with the intent of reaching new markets and cost savings. To truly embrace and implement digital transformation, businesses must have a strategy strong and flexible enough to maneuver through multiple obstacles.

Tech Venturas’ digital consultancy services bring you the right solutions, defining a winning digital strategy that leverages the right combination of products, services, capabilities and technologies to ensure that you reach your business goals in the digital world.

Along with our wealth of expertise, inclusive technology portfolio and in-depth consulting; we can recognize your strengths and weaknesses, align them with business objectives and deliver a methodical digital transformation roadmap – that is feasible to your organization’s needs and infrastructure including where you should start, what your key objectives should be and how to reach them, total expenditure, what resources you have at your disposal and how you can distinguish disruptive technologies from cutting-edge technologies.

Our team of Consultants will help you to reshape your business to match the needs of the digital world while assisting you to develop the culture and capabilities needed to be agile and innovate ahead of the market.

Schedule a free consultation with us if your organisation is looking to transform in the digital age, we are here to assist you in achieving industry potential.

Tech VenturasResearch & Strategy

The modern-day business world is full of risks and uncertainties. Particularly in the tech industry, companies seem to come and go with alarming frequency. So what’s the key to long-term success in the technology sector? According to experience, it’s all about having a clear vision and preserving your focus.

Empathy maps help us to understand customer needs and how the intended product can help to solve them. Using historical data, survey and focus-group feedback and other key information, we provide a detailed report with recommendations for the product strategy and a clear USP.

Tech VenturasDiscovery Program

Our Discovery Program is designed to help enterprises identify and recognise their pathway to digitisation.

The program dissects the issue at hand and focuses on implementing technical innovations to accelerate digitisation.

Working closely with you, we will perform an idea validation in line with the solution in mind. Whilst identifying dependencies and the required R&D, Tech Venturas can even create an IP in addition to the technology roadmap.

Tech VenturasProof of Concept

Our Proof of Concept (POC) programs help enterprises determine the feasibility of a product, service or application before fully investing in it.

POCs are important because they allow companies to test their hypotheses and assumptions about a new product or service in a live environment.

This limits the amount of risk and capital that is put at stake if the product or service proves to be unsuccessful. A POC can also help to improve the chances that a product will be successful when it is eventually released to market.