It’s critical to imitate and apply as many real-world circumstances as possible in the digital domain. In fact, digital makes it much easier to connect with a larger network of people with various abilities, as well as bridging the gap across communities. We can seamlessly integrate applications into our social networking platform to provide complex collaboration capabilities that help to develop trust, transparency, and transaction assurance.

The process of developing and sustaining a space for meaningful dialogue among community members is managed by community collaboration platforms. Members can express themselves by sharing their opinions, ideas, and concerns. “Community engagement” is a term used to describe this procedure.

Tech Venturas has created a framework for SMEs with the goal of encouraging collaboration through intelligent engagement tools. The platform created with these framework components can bring people together with the goal of increasing their own businesses by forming new contacts, analysing the business landscape, and educating themselves. Users of the platform can use their public feed, create groups, or chat with identifiable individuals to inform them of products and services available, ask for assistance, or simply connect.

At Tech Venturas, we have taken a step ahead by adding new capabilities that will allow community members to better engage with and exploit the network they have created. For example, online polls have become a must-have tool for digital marketers. We’ve developed eye-catching simple polls to help users quickly collect opinions that they’ll need to make quick judgments and promote their product or service appropriately.

Another important feature is the Group plugin, which adds value to the site. Like-minded people can form groups to share information, ideas, and thoughts on a specific topic or interest. For further involvement, members can post challenges, strengthening the social element through digital methods.

Tech Venturas is assisting you in making your company/community future-proof and digitally inclusive. Schedule a free consultancy to learn more about our services and choose the best product to uplift your business.