The reality of today is such that if you do not have a digital engagement strategy your business is more likely than not to be isolated from the rest of the world. The ongoing covid-19 pandemic proved that businesses that cannot address customer needs during an indefinite global catastrophe will – quite simply – be put out of business.

The business world is highly competitive and the customer is still – King! The customer expects timely delivery with courteous service. If a business fails in either of the two aspects, the customer is quick to take to social media and make his complaint heard. Fortunately, or unfortunately, bad service makes better news than good service.

This has allowed micro-enterprises to leverage off freely available digital marketing-oriented platforms to advertise themselves at a fraction of the costs of traditional offline marketing. Small, medium, and large enterprises are trapped in the dilemma of continuing costly offline marketing strategies that they have already invested in – or simply, cut their losses and shift their budgets to a semi or fully digital online marketing strategy.

However, it is important that business leaders not only focus on digital marketing. A holistic digital transformation strategy is required to maintain and sustain businesses during uncertain times – such as a pandemic or global recession. The question is how to do it?

Digital transformation of an organization includes strategic transformations across practices such as Human Resource and Talent Management, digitisation of financial functions to accommodate digital payments and receipts, and digitisation of logistical operations towards automation – and least but not least, a comprehensive business dashboard that consolidates data from all functions of the business to help leaders and decision-makers make informed strategic choices.

In short, organizations, businesses, and teams of all sizes require a mature digital plan that takes into consideration the opportunity to leverage off technologies such as cloud computing, cyber-security, and machine learning to stay ahead of the curve. If your organization is seeking the services of a mature software development team to guide and implement your digital transformation strategy – talk to us.

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