Farming techniques are archaic in most developing nations and even some developed ones, as most choose to continue following practices that have been passed down through centuries. When opposed to adopting digital tools to boost productivity and lessen the strain, yields are poor and labour requirements are high. Agriculture and farming have changed dramatically in the last decade or so, with technology playing an increasingly important role. Farmers have been able to produce more with less thanks to innovative solutions.

We deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations by working directly with agriculturally proficient entrepreneurs to understand their innovative ideas. Whether it’s a simple farm management system or a sophisticated AI-driven solution enabled by IoT, Tech Venturas is ever ready to meet all your agritech expectations!

What exactly is agritech, and why is it useful? Agricultural technology, commonly known as agritech, is a form of technology used in agriculture. It is efficient for accurately mapping, monitoring, and managing farming decisions. Satellite imaging, sensors, agro machines, and software solutions are all examples of agriculture solutions.

At Tech Venturas, we create end-to-end agritech solutions for a variety of farming businesses. Schedule a free consultancy and enable the seamless opportunities through digitally transforming your farming business.

Farm Management Solutions

Drones can be used in agritech, they have advanced from imaging, to complex processing of soil depth, texture, and quality assessments, as well as crop observation, in recent years. It can map the yield as well as individual crops in order to detect crop threats sooner. This enables farmers to use accurate chemical applications and eliminate pests at an early stage. This also helps avoid the use of chemicals on crops that aren’t being attacked by pests.

Given that agricultural farm management encompasses a wide range of operations, at Tech Venturas, we concentrate on developing all-encompassing solutions. We can monitor and control all parts of the field using machine learning and artificial intelligence, including the history, condition, soil services, and even the impact of weather. The online field map, which can be customised to include crop kind, harvesting timetable, and even crop rotation log planning, is a significant feature that the farming community can greatly benefit from.

Blockchain For AgriTech Solutions

Supply chain management is a daunting task in this industry. Managing the complexities linked to logistics, shipping, banking, import and export, etc., is not an easy task and ensuring a level of transparency to stakeholders is another big challenge.

We address there challenges using blockchain technology, enabling stakeholders to track all transactions through a trustworthy private network, not only helping to achieve transparency but also to streamline the process and increase global acceptance of the product.

The contracts between each stakeholder, the inspection certificates, delivery receipts, bank transactions, shipping requests, bill of loading and every other detail is maintained through a centralised body which is the blockchain network, enabling the stakeholders to track each stage in real time, despite the geographic location that they belong to.