In the era of the Digital Banking Financial Services and Insurance (Digital BFSI) business, cash is no longer king. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain are three of the internet’s most powerful future technologies that are being used to innovatively disrupt trade and finance. The three technologies are capable of evolving quickly and have powerful uses across a variety of industries.

Artificial Intelligence empowers machines to ‘think’ independent of human operators and arrive at decisions in a hither-to unprecedented manner.

Machine Learning algorithms allow machines to repeatedly practice complex decision pathways and develop expertise in sophisticated operations by gathering data such as autonomous transport, surgical procedures and cybergaming.

Blockchain Ledger provides an immutable and irreversible chain of transactions that provide credibility and authenticity of transactions down to the very last one.

The combination of the three powerful technologies allows for the potential development of machine based organizations and teams that operate completely independent of human operators.

Typical long term evolutionary applications of the combination of the three technologies are as follows:


  1. Digital Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (Digital BFSI)– The scope of applications for Machine Learning and AI based processes in the digital BFSI industry is immense. A few of them are as follows; credit scoring, blockchain ledger, Digital Fintech (DFT), Open Scoring, Micro lending, Seed Lending, Savings and Insurance; auto insurance, gateway banking portal, Mobile entrepreneurship ecosystem, Blockchain financing and smart contracts for seed funding entrepreneurs,
  2. AgriTech – Artificial Intelligence, combined with machine learning and a decentralized ledger enable the processing of data at massive scale. Large scale farming operations can greatly benefit from implementing such technologies to gather vast amounts of data, quickly capture interesting anomalies and document changes. Crop and food production, food supply chain, controlling weather crises and managing agricultural finance are a few of the most available applications.
  3. Nano-physics & Chemical research – Physics and Chemistry Laboratories can greatly benefit from the use of the combination of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain ledgers to innovate in the synthesis of chemical compounds and material sciences.
  4. Biology and healthcare – The fields of medicines and scientifically proven drugs are one of the greatest benefactors of AI, ML and blockchain. The decentralized and immutable nature of blockchain technologies guarantee the authenticity of data, whilst Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can analyze enormous volumes of data, create sophisticated models and test for desired results.
  5. Manufacturing and Ai Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – In the near future, especially in the fields of robotics and robotic process automations, it is possible for us to witness the era of Ai based robotic entities. These machines empowered with mobility and the application of robot-movements may be designed to function as artificial business executives. The application of Artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and blockchain ledgers help further progress the objective of a fully automated workforce in a likely industrial 6.0 or 6th industrial revolution scenario.
  6. Deep space exploration – The fields of interstellar travel can benefit greatly from the application of the trio of technologies. Blockchain ledgers ensure authenticity of records, and Machine Learning techniques combined with artificial intelligence allow unmanned space shuttles to encounter dangerous space travel without risk to human life. Unmanned robots designed for  interplanetary travel can also be instrumental in the initial phases of setting up human-suitable living spaces in foreign planets and otherwise inhabitable terrain with the use of Ai based Robo Executives.
  7. Military training and simulation of complex stratagems – Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be designed to create and play the role of virtual opponents. This is extremely valuable in the fields of military sciences and to practice dangerous battlefield conditions. Militaries can greatly benefit by training against AI and trained machines to simulate difficult conditions and practice strategies without risk of loss of life and limb. Modern day and future concerns such as cyber defense systems, resilient communications, logistical support and defense networks for IoT are a few to mention.

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