The world is an expeditiously growing ground of technology. It’s been 74 years since the dawn of software and the use of computers has spread throughout the world. With over 5 billion computer users at present, that’s 5 billion different needs to be satisfied. As a result of this major demand software companies had emerged all around the world. This industry isn’t in its early stages anymore, it has spread to every corner of the earth. The world has gone completely digital along with the growth of software companies and their innovative solutions which makes life simpler and easier. With this digitalisation, there are growing problems that need modernistic solutions.

Microsoft is one of the first companies to step into this and they have dominated the software industry ever since. Behind their success are the world-famous software solutions such as Windows, Edge, Office 365, and finally the newcomer Azure. There are a total of 12 main software solutions produced by Microsoft up to this date, they are Microsoft 365, Windows 11, Minecraft, Office 365, Intune, Azure, Dynamics, OneNote, Teams, Apps, Learning Tools, and Edge according to Taking a look into these products we can see that they have not only focused on one field but have expanded their product range to satisfy the need for software in multiple industries. Microsoft has focused on making software not only for businesses but also for end-users. Windows and Office for example are products that are focused on both individual and business use cases. Microsoft has vastly invested in the corporate sector which includes Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing as well as Media, and Entertainment. Some of the software solutions for industrial use cases are Azure, Dynamics, and finally Intune. 

Just like Microsoft, Google is a company that provides software solutions for both individual and business sectors. Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Search, YouTube, Google Play Store, and Android can be considered 7 major products that were created for individuals, these products are said to have acquired over a billion users, it’s one big advancement in the field of technology. Since Google has almost half of the world’s population using its platforms it’s a great place for businesses to pitch their products and services to this community. For this use case, Google provides advertising within their platforms, YouTube and Google. But it’s not only limited to advertising, for businesses to perform with productivity they offer Google Workspace and Google Insights. Likewise, this is a whole new world where customers and businesses get to connect and improve in numerous ways, unlike in the 19th century.

When it comes to creativity and design, the highest ranker is none other than Adobe. They have created numerous software to support designers and they revolutionised desktop publishing throughout the years. Adobe has a wide variety of applications. They have 56 apps to be exact and each of them has different purposes all related to designing and publishing. This huge library of apps also known as the creative cloud offers designers the power to turn their imagination into a final design just in a matter of time. Because of Adobe’s applications and its global availability, various designers were able to step into the world of designing who were bottlenecked by paper and pencil back in the day.

The future of this industry solely depends on innovators and customers. Even though we think the world is purely digital there are some countries and businesses that are yet to make this change. This is where companies such as Tech Venturas come into action. Tech Venturas has created innovative software solutions in fields such as finance, agriculture, health, and social networking to help the part of the world that had been left out from digitaliSation and make them finally go digital. Through this process, they have made a clear sustainable path for the software industry mainly across the African region. Diving into the solutions by Tech Venturas, in the financial technology sector, they have solutions for Integration, KYC (Know your customer), Mobile Wallet, Credit Score, Microfinance, and finally Financial literacy. As for Agricultural Technology, they have presented farm management, blockchain, and IoT solutions where they have effectively helped farmers obtain more products with maximum efficiency. One of the unique features of Tech Venturas is their commitment to developing solutions for the vital healthcare sector, Tech Venturas has made Healthcare Integration Solutions and AI-Driven Healthcare Solutions to fulfil the requirements of patients. Their work is not only limited to the Financial, Agricultural, or Healthcare sectors they have expanded their solutions to support Social Networking, Learning & Literacy as well. And finally, unlike most companies, Tech Venturas has released open source solutions for API management as well as Identity & Access management which is a kind call for anyone to study, modify or use.

As you can see these companies support many sectors both directly and indirectly with their software solutions which serve multiple purposes. All this is made possible thanks to innovative minds and customer requests. Customers are critically important intangible assets to a business, as a business it’s its responsibility to keep the customers happy and satisfied. End users are not all the same, they have different needs and requirements in mind as mentioned in the introduction, along with this comes “customisation”. Customisation could solve many problems that end-users have, for example, it could be the user interface, the theme, application preferences, and much more. Psychologically this increases user productivity when they have the software in a manner that they prefer it to be. Other than that generally customers expect timely delivery of services along with reliability, accuracy and most of all, reasonable pricing.

When taking a look at the big picture here, almost every company intends to make the world a better place, what matters the most is how they do it. From finding a problem to making a solution, not just any solution but one which stands out from everything, and modifying that solution in a way to fit the needs of hundreds if not thousands of customers is the real challenge.


Nathen Samarathunga

Nathen Samarathunga