Nebula 2.0, the biggest event in the Tech Venturas calendar this year, was held on the 23rd of September 2022. It was an amazing opportunity to take a break from the hectic schedules to spend time with the Tech Venturas family and get to know about all the exciting things lined up for the next few months.

During the event, Tech Venturas’ Senior Executives remarked about the company performance, new initiatives, product updates, and also gave awards in appreciation of the team’s hard work and commitment. Serious business aside, the event was a time for all Venturas to let their hair down and rock to the fantastic live music by “The Method” as well as selected group of musically talented individuals from Tech Venturas

The title, “Nebula 2.0”, signified the journey of Tech Venturas, from its humble beginnings as a consultancy firm to a fully capable global systems integrator. The event celebrated the transformation of the company in many facets.

A key announcement at the event and yet another significant moment for Tech Venturas was the relocation of our headquarters to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This move is well thought through and aligned with the rapid expansion strategy for the next 5-years.

Nebula 2.0 was made even more colourful with the introduction of Tech Venturas’ latest initiative, STEP, the Student Entrepreneurship Program. STEP is specifically designed to provide opportunities to the younger generation to get into a career in computing and information technology early in their lives. We believe the STEP program is going to make an impact on the startup ecosystem of Sri Lanka, bringing with it more revenue through IT solutions and services.

In addition, Tech Venturas introduced some of its latest product innovations during this event. “Smartest KYC”, an intelligent, AI-driven digital KYC software as a service (SaaS) platform, “Hermes”, an AI-driven, human-like chatbot, “Liberate”, an integration platform as a service (iPASS), and Ventiga, a SaaS platform for identity governance and administration (IGA).

Another key highlight of the event was the CXO Awards, appreciating the Tech Venturas team awarded by the Executivesof the company. Technology Pillar CXO award was received by Lakshitha Ranasinghe, while the Technology and People Evangelist CXO award was received by Hashane Sivanesan. Prasad Srimal and Sahan Munasignhe were awarded for the best Engineering and Technological performance, and Mahfooz Ahmed received the Emerging Young Technologist CXO award. It was an energetic and inspiring moment for everyone at Tech Venturas.                                   

It was a great moment to celebrate and appreciate the efforts of those who inspire the community and a dance break for busy working schedules!


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