Solution Goals

  • Develop a Point of Sales (POS) system unique to a custom-designed, hand-held POS device based on Android, which also leverages bill printing, QR and Barcode Recognition as well as Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities of the device.
  • Ability to work with or without a network connection (offline support and low GPRS based networks).
  • A highly scalable platform that can support thousands of devices added to the device mesh.
  • Seamless remote device management capability with remote updates of software and firmware.
  • Integrate with Telcom companies Mobile Wallets adhering to Mobile Money Specifications published by GSMA.



Tellko Technologies

Tellko Technologies was set up in Northamptonshire United Kingdom to focus on designing products and services to add value to the modern communication device consumer. As manufacturers are adapting to the phenomenal growth of smartphone and tablets, we at Tellko realized the gaps in the rapidly growing market of hi-tech devices. Our goal has always been to design high-quality products with the end consumer’s expectations in mind. The Tellko design teams are always looking at introducing new products with market focus while our quality assurance teams retain their focus on the final product.

Tellko products are distributed in Europe and Asia by our offices in the UK, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

Our Approach

Tech Ventura’s team started with a highly focused, 2 weeks of discovery engagement with the client to identify their business goals and mapping them into a technology blueprint. A solution architecture was then derived using this technology blueprint, which then converted into an Agile based technical delivery plan.

AWS Cloud platform was selected to deploy the solution backend, which was built as AWS Lamba based Microservices and exposed as REST APIs. An integration layer was developed to connect to the Telco Mobile Wallet systems combining several middleware components to achieve a robust solution.

An Android-based mobile app was developed to run inside the POS device, which carried out all the payment transactions. An intuitive user interface made the POS vendor’s life much easier during rush hours. The offline capability was built to handle several business cases for vendors who are on the run and who visit areas without network coverage. The synchronization engine was designed to seamlessly push and pull data between the device and the platform.