Strong bonds yield better results. We believe in forming strategic alliances with selected partners that enable us to provide the best solutions to you, our clients. We are able to harness the latest technologies and tech experts that provide value both strategically and financially through these agreements.

Collaboration with industry leaders and specialised technology vendors provides our customers with easy access to an ecosystem of market-leading digital consultancy expertise and a broad choice of specific add-on applications and integrations during their digital transformation journey. Each partner offers its own unique mix of expertise, skills, solutions and services to ensure maximum business value for Tech Ventura’s customers.

We work with these partners to complement offerings and provide customers with the maximum value and level of service possible

We believe that our partners are the strength of our success. We consider them as strong pillars of our accomplishments. contact us for inquiries

Cetficiations & Awards
Huawei HCPN Technology Partner

As a technology partner, Tech Venturas is proud to have HCPN onboard. As a commercial software provider, we've developed an exclusive collaboration to supply software solutions that are either hosted on or integrated with HUAWEI CLOUD.

Millenium IT ESP

As a prominent Enterprise solutions provider, MIT is redefining the way people and companies do business, through the use of integrated solutions. Tech Venturas has teamed up with MIT to offer our customers the most cutting-edge solutions they ever needed to embrace the power of technology and automation.


Momentro bridges the gap between marketers and technology by offering products and services focused on improving the marketing funnel, while also having their own proprietary marketing technology product stack. Tech Venturas has partnered with Momentro to provide GTM strategies for our clients to reach new markets.