Inclusive Healthcare is an important issue in many communities around the world and it is important that everyone has access to quality healthcare. This includes people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, and others who are often left out of the conversation. Inclusive healthcare means taking into account the unique needs of all patients and providing care that meets their needs. It is important to remember that everyone deserves quality healthcare, no matter who they are or what they look like.

Needless to mention, technology has been a driving force in the Healthcare industry. However, not all communities are able to benefit from these technological advancements in healthcare. As a result we have witnessed many communities being excluded because they are either unreachable or don’t have the means to afford proper healthcare.


Healthcare Integration Solution

The healthcare ecosystem is now global, which effectively means that patient records and related information should be accessible in a safe and secure manner, globally. With a patient-conscious approach, we build innovative solutions whilst adhering to healthcare protocols HL7 & FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Specification. These protocols enable us to exchange, integrate, share and process the retrieval of information, in a standardised manner.


AI-Driven Healthcare Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has revolutionised the healthcare industry, making it possible for patients, doctors and administrative staff to benefit from its applications. Maximising hospital or medical facility efficiency is one such benefit. Surgical robots, for example, can perform precise tasks in less time and at a fraction of the cost, when compared to human intervention.

The diagnostic process can be markedly improved and automated through AI. AI can predict and diagnose disease at a faster rate than most medical professionals. Machine learning algorithms are used to process the input data and provide pathologists the necessary data to make more accurate diagnoses, whilst minimising the margin of error.

Tech Venturas offers a digital platform that is designed to automate the healthcare industry’s most repetitive tasks, freeing up administrative staff to work on outliers. Similarly, medical staff can focus on patient attentiveness, as the platform enables automation of eligibility checks to un-adjudicated claims and data migrations. The robustness and versatility of our digital healthcare platform allows for secure integrations with existing software tools and applications, thus making way for a cheaper and more efficient overall solution for the facility.

More lives can be saved and more patients can be attended to with the right technology. Schedule a free consultancy to learn more about the right technology.