We’re inspired by the notion that in order to prosper in today’s world, all individuals and communities need access to technology and digital literacy. One of the most significant advantages of joining our team is the opportunity to connect and talk with people from various other countries and cultures. Our offices are in Nairobi, Kenya, and Colombo, Sri Lanka, and our clientele are from all over the world. Tech Venturas’ technological solutions cover a broad variety of industries.

You’re not limited to a single set of technologies when you work at Tech Venturas. We’re a team who aspire to think out of the box, and beyond. As a result, we assess a variety of developing technologies and prospects. We don’t hesitate to adapt when we’re confident in the technology’s performance and reliability.

So whether you’re an intern or an enterprise architect, you’ll have an equal chance to contribute to our projects and demonstrate your technical skills. We believe in maintaining a balance between the quality of our work, as well as work-life balance. At Tech Venturas, we aspire to create a work environment that prioritises the needs of all our employees, as well as encourages them to learn and grow. 


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