Companies use IAM systems to safeguard their people and data, maintain regulatory compliance, cut costs, and give users a better experience. IAM is a broad phrase that refers to a variety of technical solutions, rules, and procedures that businesses can employ to manage user identities and access. These solutions are designed to secure organisational assets by ensuring that only the appropriate personnel have access to certain data or resources in the appropriate context.

Software systems that aid an organisation’s business processes become more prevalent, and necessary as the business grows. These systems are used by both employees and clients on a daily basis. When these software systems expand and must develop their own access management systems, the process gets a little complicated… 

However, with IAM solutions, multiple access credentials are offered to the organisation’s employees and consumers. An organisation can centralise information about users (workers, customers, and partners) and allow them to access systems with a single access credential by establishing an IAM system. We design IAM solutions that improve the user experience, while also allowing businesses to manage all users in one location and identify who they are based on their actions.

At Tech Venturas, every client benefits from having their exact requirements set out at a workshop, together with the elements needed to make the solution as standard-driven as feasible. As a result, we can ensure that clients receive the best solution as rapidly as possible, while also fulfilling their time to market requirements and lowering their TCO. IAM Solutions we provide consist of the following 6 key characteristics.

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Single-sign-on & single-sign-out

Enable users to login and logout once to many applications with single credentials.

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Policy Framework

Extensible policy framework that also support open standards such as XACML

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External User Directories

Integrate with internal user directories such as active directory and LDAP

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GUI based central administration

Ability to configure and administrate the entire platform centrally with a graphical user interface.

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Open Standard

Out of the box capabilities for open protocols such as OIDC OAUth 2.0 SAML 2.0

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Identity Brokering

Ability to integrate with third party identity providers (idPs) with identity federation