FinTech helps businesses, governments, industries and financial institutions accelerate business transactions with ease. Personal devices such as smartphones can be used to tap into the rich world that is all things financial. Today, the typical consumer is capable of trading shares on the stock market via their hand-held smartphone device. Whilst the trend towards Financial Technology (FinTech) grows steeply, we guide organisations to explore the world that is FinTech – to experience the ease of use, robustness and security of services for your organisation.

Complete your digital transformation journey with Tech Venturas, by integrating powerful, Fintech applications and platforms to your existing systems. Through the technology of Open APIs, FinTech transformation is only a stepping stone from reality.

Transforming from a traditional bank to becoming a modern Fintech is only a matter of publishing a secure API – which will open the doors for digital task-driven applications to be developed. Thus, allowing communities to inclusively engage in financial transactions with ease. We offer digital solutions for financial institutions to help publish secure Open API solutions and mobile banking apps.

Have you considered integrating Fintech solutions within your organisation? Gain a powerful ‘first-mover’ advantage in your industry.

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Seamlessly leverage numerous digital services with our robust System Integration Services.

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Swiftly get to 'know your customers' at scale with task automations intelligent surveys

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Help your customers manage, maintain and transact through your very own branded and secure digital wallet

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Credit Score

Roll out services to new banking customers with automated credit rating applications that take up fewer resources and is also faster than the conventional process

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Deliver state of the art micro-financing services such as micro-lending, micro-savings and micro-insurance for your community locale via robust digital and mobile applications

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Financial Literacy

Knowledge is power. By empowering users with access to financial literacy, digital banking applications experience a surge in demand for financial products